Our Clients

At Nicholas Hoffman & Company, we help three different types of investing families. These are families looking for:

1. An Advisory Relationship - We offer comprehensive wealth management from strategic planning to private and public investments. Typically, the greatest emphasis is given to public liquid investments. However, as a diversification tool for your portfolio, you can also participate on a smaller scale in private investment opportunities.

2. A Chief Investment Officer - We act as the originator and filter for your investment solutions and therefore screen all investment products presented to your family. The foundation of your family assets is typically grounded in publicly-traded investments and enhanced by private, illiquid investments. This may result in the use of multiple custodians, and therefore requires comprehensive reporting. Also, through Nicholas Hoffman & Company, your family has direct access to institutional grade investments that are not available through traditional "Wall Street" channels.

3. Private Investment Portfolios - We will source, perform due diligence on and regularly monitor all of your private investments. We are one of the few investment advisory firms in Atlanta that has a focus on private equity funds, private debt funds, and private real estate investments. We review a large number of private investment opportunities for our clients. Our independence and size give us visibility to investment opportunities normally available only to large family offices. We are typically also able to negotiate better terms and minimums on behalf of our family of clients.