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We serve families across the nation. Our clients have complex financial needs that typically extend well beyond investment advice. These needs include tax and estate planning, retirement planning, family office services, asset protection, and even general business consulting. Our provision of strategic counsel in these areas, often in collaboration with tax and legal professionals, is crucial to the successful long-term management of our clients’ wealth.

We design custom investment strategies that align with our clients’ objectives for their significant investment portfolios. Our clients expect access to a diverse range of investment opportunities. They also understand that successful investing is built upon a clear, disciplined, long-term strategy.

Private investments play a key role in meeting our clients’ objectives for risk-adjusted returns and diversification. Moreover, our clients have the knowledge and experience to appreciate our entrepreneurial approach. Many have developed wealth through their own businesses.

With over $6 billion in assets under management, we have meaningful access to differentiated investments, particularly within the private markets, where our clients have committed over $1 billion of capital. Our size allows us to be nimble, responsive, and opportunistic – which is what our clients expect.

Philanthropy plays a significant role in the worldview of many of our client families. Our support in this area extends from advice on philanthropic strategies to the creation and administration of private foundations.

Above all, our clients want a partner with whom they can develop a lasting relationship based on trust and respect. The enduring relationships we have with our client families provide a testament to our unwavering commitment to their current and future prosperity.

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