Noisy Fallacies

February 19, 2024

Clear thinking is a necessary component of successful investing, but some fallacies can be difficult to detect. Here is a common example. A recent segment on CNBC titled “What Happens if $6T in Cash on the Sidelines Comes Into the…

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Super Fun

February 12, 2024

This past weekend, the eyes of most Americans (and many people across the world) were fixed on Las Vegas. The self-styled ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’ hosted what is arguably the largest single sporting event of the year: the Super…

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Planning Updates for 2024

February 5, 2024

The new year brings tax and retirement changes. Here is a summary of the most relevant and a look forward to the very important changes that are ‘on the books’ to take effect in 2026. 2024 Changes Income Tax Newly…

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Snake Oil

January 29, 2024

1/29/2024 Snake oil was a thing. More specifically, “Stanley’s snake oil” was offered by the Rattlesnake King, Clark Stanley. I suspect Stanley’s customers knew the oil would not work but were sucked in by false hope, and the sales pitch.…

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Oddball ETFs

January 22, 2024

1/22/2024 This month, the SEC approved 11 new exchange-traded funds (ETFs) created to track the performance of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The approval process took over a decade. Cryptocurrency has long been known for its volatility and highly technical nature, which…

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Easy on the SALT, Please

January 16, 2024

1/16/2024 In late 2017, when the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act became law, the use of the acronym “SALT” became common. Standing for State and Local Tax, the topic of SALT draws fierce reactions from residents of states with high…

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Maximizing Our Healthspan

January 8, 2024

1/8/2024 I am writing this weekly while walking on a mobile treadmill in our office. I have not been able to log many hours on the treadmill because it is in high demand. Some of my colleagues log 10,000 steps…

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Finding Balance to Reduce Financial Stress

January 2, 2024

1/2/2024 I witnessed many new beginnings in 2023 for some of the oldest members of Generation Z (those born between 1997 and 2012). These included college graduations, new jobs, and marriages. Some bought new houses, while others decided to move…

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