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The Next Growth Market – Old People


Baby-Boomers Aren’t Sold On Retirement Communities

As investors we should be constantly looking for new and sustainable trends in our world.  Our eyes should focus on not only the newest and latest developments but on bigger, lasting impacts known in the science world as “paradigm shifts.”  Historically it was these shifts that created vast new opportunities and the accompanying wealth that followed.  From the industrial revolution, to the expansion of our railroads, to the creation of the production line, to the invention of the microprocessor technology, to the use social media, our world has been uprooted, displaced and replaced by the next new thing.  Each breakthrough created significant opportunity for investors. Another demographic shift coming our way in its infancy today is how the baby boomers will transition as consumers over the next several decades.  The ability to understand the idea and concept of “the new old” generation will be a profound shift.  Let’s call it the “Growth Market of Maturing” because we never want to be referred to as old.

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