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Chaos in the Global Pigsty

pig-chartjpg-6b8f7522723c7decIt’s not just the price movement of stocks and bonds that investors watch but a multitude of markets in which we can invest and profit.  Of the many things one might consider there are precious metals, oil, heating oil, lumber, wheat, soybeans, and as you can imagine a list that can go on and on.  Our concern about historical price movements goes back a long time and pre-dates today’s concerns of just stocks and bonds.  Traders in the new world worried about the price of beaver pelts as they explored America.  Ancient Egyptians’ society’s worry was wheat.  So this week as we looked at global markets one that offered confusion (and proved that in spite of the converging nature of global markets sometimes the same item can trade at different prices and can move in different directions), was the price of pigs.

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