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Words of Wisdom from the Publix’s Check Out Line

retire_tout_bI found myself recently in Charleston on a business/mini retreat.  As has been my morning routine for far too many years, I got up early, started the coffee maker and then went in search of the daily news paper.  Yes, in this age of getting news on small handheld devices, I actually prefer the old- fashioned printed newspaper.  Just down the street from where I was staying was a Publix grocery store, and by the looks of the inside at 7am I might have been the first customer.  I grabbed my two papers and went to pay for them.  The cashier was a man in his late sixties or early seventies who took my papers, scanned them, and then said “staying in touch with the world I see” in a loud, energetic voice.  My non-caffeinated response was something like “yeah, old habit.”  To which he said, “yeah I remember before I retired, I was the same way.”  I thought “retired”?  Here was a man working at Publix at 7am in the morning, who sure didn’t look retired to me.  So I asked, “retired?”.  “Oh yeah, you probably can’t tell but I retired 5 years ago and moved to Charleston.”  I asked how’s it going?  He said “it was great the first two years but then I got bored, and started working at Publix.”  I asked how it was working at Publix.  He said “it’s great, I love the people and customers.  Most of the folks are here on vacation so they all seem happy.” On the way back I thought about his comment about being bored.  Many people claim that retirement is like a permanent vacation but there is quite a difference between a one or two week vacation, when it’s easy to be happy, and a retirement that could last for decades.  Retirement is about a lot of things but I hope that boredom not is one of those things.  We work, save, and plan for it, and retirement should be a time of enjoyment and fulfillment.

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