Monthly Archives: November 2014

Election Week

election-2014Tuesday’s mid-term election has been sliced and diced to death this week.  With the Republican Party taking a commanding number of seats in the Senate, the House, and the Governors’ races it would be hard not to suggest that the mood has changed from several years ago.  Blame all week was pointed at a president that is being characterized as aloof or detached.  There certainly were many Democratic candidates that wanted no presidential help as they were fighting for their political lives.  The market approached these mid-term elections knowing that the outcome could create both opportunity and risk.  With the market at an all time high some ponder if there is even any additional opportunity left?  But opportunity always exists.  It is just the question of where it can be mined.  Will a pro business legislative agenda be the trend over the next 12 months or will the expected gridlock become the norm?

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