A man pointing to the word job on his hand.

Tension in the Job Market

February 7, 2023

2/7/2023 Last Friday’s jobs report showed the US economy added 517,000 jobs in January. The unemployment rate is now 3.4%, its lowest level since 1970. This hiring strength seems paradoxical because it comes during widely publicized layoffs at some US…

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What We’re Listening To

January 30, 2023

1/30/2023 Podcasting has exploded in popularity over the past five years. According to Statista, by 2022, 79% of Americans were aware of podcasting, and over 82 million people were listening to podcasts. Listeners can now find an episode on almost…

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A man watering money plants with a watering can.

Cash Takes a Turn as King

January 23, 2023

1/23/2023 2022 was a year of some unexpected investment outcomes. We went into that year with news confirming that inflation would be more than transitory, but the level and impact of high inflation were not yet fully known. One of…

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A person is holding their hands over the crystal ball.

The Bulls, The Bears, and the Go Nowheres – 2023 Market Predictions

January 17, 2023

1/17/2023 This is the time of year to look at the Wall Street firms which publish an opinion on the market. At each of these firms, groups of highly compensated and knowledgeable people get together and develop forecasts of where…

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A clock on the wall of an orange room.

A Banker’s Mentality

January 9, 2023

1/9/2023 Investors should keep a watchful eye on the yield they are earning on their cash. An investor in a traditional money market fund can now earn more than 4%. By comparison, banks are paying their depositors anything from zero…

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