A bump sign is shown on the side of a road.

Road Hazards

May 8, 2023

5/8/2023 The Federal Reserve managed to steer our economy into a tight bend of non-transitory inflation. Now the Fed is trying to correct its path without losing control. The markets look on aghast. Some key spectators remain optimistic that there…

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A view of the city from above.

Offices in Motion

May 1, 2023

5/1/2023 Traffic is back with full force in Atlanta, especially on Peachtree Street near our offices in Midtown. Multiple high-rise construction projects attract a near-constant flow of deliveries, resulting in lane closures as cranes reposition oversized construction material. While Midtown…

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A picture of the name nicholas house and co.

Cash Seeking a Home?

April 27, 2023

April 27, 2020 With short-term interest rates back near zero and more volatility in equity markets, many investors are looking for the best place to stash some cash. After just a few years of relative respite, savers are once again…

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A large group of people are gathered together.

Slow Down to Speed Up

April 24, 2023

4/24/2023 This past Monday nearly 30,000 runners from more than 100 countries took to the starting line of the 127th Boston Marathon. Arriving at the starting line is no easy feat. For most, it requires a qualifying time that seems impossible…

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A close up of an irs tax form

US Tax Day

April 17, 2023

4/17/2023 It is that time of year again – tomorrow, April 18th, is the official US tax filing deadline for individuals and corporations.  While not a holiday that many outside the walls of the IRS look forward to, it is…

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